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asus, asus zenfone 3, asus rog, asus zenbook, asus laptop
asus, asus zenfone 3, asus rog, asus zenbook, asus laptop
Design is not just our pursuit,

it is also our passion
The word ' ASUS ' is taken from the last four-letter word of the winged horse Pegasus, in the mythology of Greece which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. ASUS incarnating the strength, purity and adventurous spirit of this awesome creature, and soared to the top with each product creation.

Taiwan information technology industry has been growing rapidly over the past few decades and Taiwan has become the dominant player in the global market. ASUS has long been a leader in the growth and although it started it as a simple motherboard manufacturers employing a handful of reliable employees, now ASUS has become the leading technology companies in Taiwan with a population of more than 12.500 employees worldwide. The ASUS has produced almost all of the products in each category of information technology, including PC components and peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and Smartphones.

Innovation is the key of success of ASUS. After PadFone launched to the public at the event, this year's Computex 2011 ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih once again raises the TAICHI mobile devices and transformers Book dual-purpose.

ASUS TAI CHI is Ultrabook with display two sides that can serve as a tablet while in a State are closed. Transformers Book is a tablet that can be inserted into the docking keyboard and transformed into Ultrabook.

Presence of 810 Tablet with Windows 8 and Windows Tablet 600 with RT, ASUS has a range of products that will be beyond the imagination of the user to enter thenew era of cloud computing.

This visionary approach makes the ASUS as main support in bringing innovation and quality design into the lives of its users. ASUS products have won international awards and various 4.256 praise in 2013, with more than 11 awards per day.

Trace in the history notebooks asus

ASUS notebook has been tested in various conditions are most severe, in the most exotic locations. Many of these amazing accomplishments have become part of the legend. We'll tell you the achievement – the achievement of which has left its mark in history in the following description.

In Outer Space
ASUS notebook Undamaged at all during the 600-day space mission.
Two selected by ASUS R&K notebook the main suppliers of computer and electronics products for the aviation mission into space to provide for trusted computing for mission astronauts in the space station MIR. The second notebook has absolutely no damage during the period of 600 days. "Notebook ASUS Notebooks have never experienced excess heat as some notebooks from other companies," said Sergei Avdeev, Russia astronaut who follow the space mission. "The flow of heat in space and on Earth is completely different. Just a notebook with the best heat dissipation solution that can survive in a continuous operation. We turn on the notebook in the morning and let it continue to flare up throughout the day without any problems. "

In The Air
ASUS Notebook Help NRMA CareFlight Helicopter Rescue Unit Saved A Lot Of Lives.
NRMA CareFlight, a rescue helicopter unit and medical emergency that serves the community of New South Wales in Australia, using a ASUS notebook in their service sectors, including aviation, medical care and administration. Notebook ASUS plays a fairly important role in the program that aims to increase the ratio of CareFlight survival in an accident with a pretty severe head trauma. With the help of mobile computing, CareFlight can accompany the medical team to the location faster than the local ambulance, and the new program is expected to reduce the death from head injuries of up to 33%. "All our pilots have been so impressed with a laptop ASUS M5 and astonished amazed by her ability to withstand the vibration in the plane," said Mark Lees, public relations manager of the CareFlight. "We are now ready to install the laptop ASUS M5 throughout our plane and connecting them to ournavigation computer on the ground."

On The Mainland
Notebook ASUS Operates perfectly During Race off-road Cars is exhausting.
ASUS notebook selected to perform critical tasks during the race  PATAGONIA 2000, forcing the computer used in the desert so barren and snowcappedmountains. One of the key tasks requiring the notebooks serve as a navigation device, which surpasses the functionality of GPS satellite capability and integrated them in the dynamic map display. Notebooks should also serve as a communications center, either e-mail communication or two-way video conferencing. "Needless to say, ASUS computers able to survive in the severe conditions on this trip very well,without the slightest defect," said Aviv Shweky, a race Manager.

On The Highest Peaks Of The World
Notebook ASUS became the first to reach the Summit of Mount Everest.
The harsh conditions on the Summit of the highest mountain in the world can interfere with other notebooks, but not for ASUS. Some of ASUS notebook  including the U5, S6 (either skin or bambu Edition), W7 and U1  was chosen to accompanya team of mountaineers in an expedition to reach the Summit of Mount Everest, known to locals as the peak of Qomolangma. When it reaches the main headquarters at 5000m, only the ASUS notebook that remain in operation. Other notebook fails to light up because of the low temperatures are so extreme. ASUS U5 is even able to survive until it reaches the peak of Qomolangma 8848 altitude, a staggering 43 m, thanks to expedition leader Captain Wang Yongfong that brings notebook U5with him as a homage to eco-friendly technologies make notebook ASUS the world's first to reach the Summit of Mount Everest.

At The End Of The World
ASUS notebook ruled the North and South poles.
ASUS notebook has been proven in different situations to function perfectly in extremely cold temperatures in the North and South poles. Most memorable events on this expedition took place on December 16, 2003, when the famous mountaineers Wang Shi and Jian Liu started their journey to reach the Summit of Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica at an altitude of 16,000 feet and the temperature was so cold to less than-100 ° f. Wang and Liu each bring notebook ASUS S200N to record and share their experiences during the expedition. S200N meets their needs perfectly: he is so lightweight and compact, it has a large capacity hard disk and was able to handle the rigors of mountain terrain. "They work flawlessly underextreme conditions and the weather is so heavy. Very fun to have a notebook that I can rely on in situations where failure can not be tolerated, "said Wang.

Trace in the history of the motherboard asus

Motherboard manufacturers are no. 1 in the world
ASUS motherboard manufacturer is number one in the world, occupying nearly 40% market share of industrial motherboard. Now, one of the three computers using ASUS motherboard. More than 24 million motherboards sold in 2008 an amount equivalent to the amount of 10,000 high skyscraper Taipei 101 and 600 of the Himalayas.

Voted "Best Motherboard Brand" For Six Consecutive Years Takes Part
ASUS has been selected as the "Best Motherboard Brand" in the world by Tom's Hardware Guide (THG), a leading web site that reviews hardware and widely read around the world. In many opinion polls, which are regularly attended by tens of thousands of voters, ASUS received more than half the vote. THG Awards Best of Readers ' Choice recognizes the hardware products that have the highest quality anddesign company that has been providing the best service to users. The award is regarded as a symbol of the will of quality product design, performance, quality and value.

The undeniable leader in Motherboard Innovation
ASUS is blessed with one of the best research and development teams in the world. Through the efforts of those who are relentless in pushing limits limits innovation, ASUS engineers has compiled features features and nerevolusi technology industrial motherboards in terms of ability, overclock stability, and energy efficiency.Some of the main features of the development include: mainboard

16 + 2 Power phase
16-phase power design revolutionary ASUS using the actual hardware power settings to ensure the real energy efficiency up to 96% exceeds the product of competitors. ASUS motherboard with this feature require less power and operate at a lower temperature, but still provide the best performance. This money-saving energy efficiency for users, reduce the temperature inside the PC casing and prolong the life of components the main components such as the CPU and motherboard.

Energy Processing Unit (EPU)
Exclusive features ASUS EPU is hardware-based features that control the 6 main components: CPU, VGA cards, chipset, memory, hard drive, and CPU cooler/fan system. Equipped with a database that contains all Intel CPU profile, EPU intelligently identify and select the right CPU profile then customize the best arrangements possible to ensure the best power management.

Express Gate
Exclusive features of the ASUS Express Gate system allows for online from bootupin just over five seconds making it the main gateway to instant pleasure. With fast Internet access, users who always lack of time will be able to enjoy online video,use Instant Messenger (IM) most popular such as MSN, Skype, Google Talk, QQ, Yahoo! Messenger, and easily and quickly check the weather forecast or send and receive e-mail while will leave the House.

Drive Xpert
Drive Xpert is a hardware RAID solution that is ideal for users who want the security of the data in the hard drive HDD performance or improve them without the hassle of installing drivers or settings tweaking on the BIOS. With Drive Xpert graphical interface user friendly and features backup dinamisnya, users can easily set up backup HDD, or even improve the transfer speed of the hard drive, only in simple steps-steps.

To assist the overclockers to build the fastest machine in the shortest time possible, ASUS has developed innovative overclocking solution: TweakIt. TweakIt allows overclockers to make changes directly to the main frequency, voltage, and other parameters on the system they use joystick-like controller on the motherboard itself even when the benchmark feature is running. Software does not engage in any part; the process of tweaking fully hardware-based.

Consistently being first in the market with products which features latest technology
As a leader in motherboard innovation, ASUS constantly be at the forefront of technological development. For many years, ASUS has become the first in the world in so many ways. ASUS is the first manufacturer to introduce motherboards that support Serial ATA and APG8X, up to 3 GHz P4 CPU even more, Hyper-Threading Technology, an Intel Core 2, and Windows Vista, which are some of the features features other number-one owned by ASUS. With the involvement of industry and collaboration rate in tandem with the leading IT companies in the world, ASUS will still continue to be the first on the market with a new breakthrough products.

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